November 30th, 2017

Summer 2018 Jam Camp dates:

Jam Camp by the Sea, Salt Spring Island, July 22 to 27

Jam Camp North, July 29 to Aug 3

Jam Camp on the River, Shuswap River near Lumby, Aug 12 to 17

All the details and registration will be available Feb 1, 2018!


Welcome to Jam Camp, a musical adventure for the whole family! Our camps are all-ages camps, and have workshops that will appeal to young and old, experienced musicians and musical newcomers. Workshops at Jam Camp include rhythm circles, cultural workshops, dancing, and creative song writing. Jam Campers write, perform and record songs in small groups facilitated by professional musicians. Jam Campers learn new instruments and explore with instruments they may already be learning on. There's always alot of singing, dancing and playing, with long breaks to hang out and jam or enjoy the beautiful natural areas that are the setting for Jam Camps. Evenings at Jam Camp are all about campfire singing, jamming and dancing!

Jam Camp workshops are focused on creativity, community, diversity and celebration. Some new Jam Campers have an interest in music and are involved in music training, but for many, Jam Camp is a first exposure to music.

The facilitators at Jam Camp are musicians who play a diverse range of instruments from many cultural traditions. Instruments that might be found at Jam Camp include the tabla from India, guzheng (zither) from China, djembe and other percussion instruments from Africa, and the violin, guitar, flute, banjo, and mandolin played in both Western (Celtic and Bluegrass) and Eastern cultural styles.

Jam Camp workshops are a collaboration between participants and facilitators. Creativity and expression are emphasized over perfection and precision. Original music that is created in these collaborations are recorded during the camp, in Nature's own studio. The recordings are available to all participants to download from our website, as a lasting memory of the music made at Jam Camp!

Jam Camps are family camps, where parents camp with their children, and supply their own food, camping kitchens and camping equipment.

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